Vários Interpretes - The Mermaid Theatre's City Of London Festival Production Of Cole

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Importado e com encarte, partes de obras d grande Cole Porter! - Obs.: -

Gravadora: RCA Ano: 1974 Condições: VG/VG

Track List: A1 Overture: Night And Day/Wouldn't It Be Fun/Another Op'nin', Another Show A2 Bingo Eli Yale A3 Gerald Murphy Remembers A4 When The Summer Moon COmes 'Long A5 Leaving Yale A6 See America First A7 Leaving Home A8 The Lost Liberty Blues A9 Paris In The 20's A10 I Love Paris A11 Playboy/Missus Lowsborough-Goodby A12 Not All Play A13 Dizzy Baby A14 Going Home A15 You Dn't Know Paree B1 Take Me Back To Manhattan B2 I Happen To Like New York B3 I'm A Gigolo B4 News Extra! B5 Love For Sale B6 Down In The Depths B7 A New White Way B8 Night And Day B9 Anything Goes B10 I Get A Kick Out Of You B11No Sorrow Tomorrow B12 Tomorrow (Part 1) B13 Porter's Accident B14 Tomorrow (continued) C1 Overture: Begin The Bguine/What Is This Thing Called Love?/You Do Somenthing To Me/You've Got That Thing/Let's Misbehave/The Laziest Gal In Town/At Long Last Love/It's De-Lovely/In The Still Of The Night/I Worship You/Make It Another Old-Fashioned,Please/Most Gentlemen Don't Like Love/From This Moment On/Just One Of Those Things/We Shall Never Be Younger/What Is Thing Called Love? (Reprise) D1 Go West D2 Be A Clown D3 Looking East D4 Please Don't Moonkey With Broadway D5 The Leader Of A Big-Time Band D6 Doldrums D7 Brush Up Your Shakespeare D8 Why Can't You Behave D9 Last Words D10 Wouldn't It Be Fun (Reprise) D11 Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye D12 Tomorrw (Reprise) D13 What Is This Thing Called Love? (Reprise)

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Disco com chiado ou clique em mais de uma faixa mas sem pular. Marcas aparentes na capa.