The Moody Blues - In Search of The Lost Chord - LP

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Progressive Rock/ Psychedelic./ French Edition! Note: Imported/ Double Cover

Record label: Deram Year: 1968 Conditions: VG/VG

Track List: A1 Departure A2 Ride My See-Saw A3 Dr. Livingstone, I Presume A4 House Of Four Doors A5 Legend Of A Mind A6 House Of Four Doors (Part Two) B1 Voices In The Sky B2 The Best Way To Travel B3 Visions Of Paradise B4 The Actor B5 The Word B6 Om

Our evaluation criteria

We work with the following standard: cover condition / disc condition. Ex: if the disc is rated VG+/EX, it means that the cover is VG+ and the disc is EX. See below the legend of the acronyms used in our evaluation.

Condition Description
Mint Sealed disc, unused.

Disc with little use, with no sign on the cover or noise when listening to the album.


Disc used, but in excellent condition, no hissing or clicking. In the case of the cover, without any apparent defects.


Disc in excellent condition, but with the possibility of some hissing. On the cover, small defects or marks.


Disc in good condition, but with squeaking or clicking but no skipping. In the case of the cover, it has visible marks.


Disc hissing or clicking on more than one track but without skipping. Marks visible on cover.