Various Artists - Wim Thoelke Präsentiert: 3x9 - 9 Stars Mit 27 Melodien - LP

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Imported! With the groove 'Wunder Gibt Es Immerwigber' - Note: -

Record label: Stern Musik Year: 1971 Conditions: VG-/VG

Track List: A1 3 x 9–Erkennungsmelodie A2a Roy Black–Wo Bist Du A2b Roy Black–So Wie Die Sonne A2c Roy Black–Für Dich Allein A3a Daliah Lavi–Tausend Dinge A3b Daliah Lavi–Oh, Wann Kommst Du A3c Daliah Lavi–Akkordeon A4a Chris Roberts–Mein Name Ist Hase A4b Chris Roberts–Ein Mädchen Nach Maß A4c Chris Roberts–Ich Bin Verliebt In Die Liebe A5a Karel Gott–Wenn Süß Das Mondlicht ... A5b Karel Gott–Einmal Um Die Ganze Welt A5c Karel Gott–Zigeuner Lady B1a Ivan Rebroff–Eine Weiße Birke B1b Ivan Rebroff–Kosaken Müssen Reiten B1c Ivan Rebroff–Ach, Natascha B2a Udo Jürgens–Merci, Cherie B2b Udo Jürgens–Jenny B2c Udo Jürgens–Siebzehn Jahr, Blondes Haar B3a Katja Ebstein–Wunder Gibt Es Immer Wieder B3b Katja Ebstein–Und Wenn Ein Neuer Tag Erwacht B3c Katja Ebstein–Alle Menschen Auf Der Erde B4a Max Greger–Red River Valley Shuffle B4b Max Greger–Raunchy B5a Miguel Rios–Like An Eagle B5b Miguel Rios – You Don’t Know How I Suffered B5c Miguel Rios–Song Of Joy

Our evaluation criteria

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Condition Description
Mint Sealed disc, unused.

Disc with little use, with no sign on the cover or noise when listening to the album.


Disc used, but in excellent condition, no hissing or clicking. In the case of the cover, without any apparent defects.


Disc in excellent condition, but with the possibility of some hissing. On the cover, small defects or marks.


Disc in good condition, but with squeaking or clicking but no skipping. In the case of the cover, it has visible marks.


Disc hissing or clicking on more than one track but without skipping. Marks visible on cover.